This Program is FREE for a year from installation.

A program designed by a Property Manager for Managing one or more properties.

If you have one property or thirty, this will work for all.

Many of the lists are required by your local Fire Dept.

                   This program is free to try.

 Works on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10. 

This program does not require the Internet to work.

It creates a local database on the C: drive of the computer you set it up on.

Very easy to use, and very safe for your secure information.

It is meant for people that truly want to take care of their building.

Print outs like:

  • Building Audit
  • Residents by Apartment
  • Residents sorted Alphabetically
  • Residents sorted Alphabetically with phone numbers
  • Residents sorted by Buzzer Code
  • Residents in need of assistance (Fire List)
  • Lockers sorted by lockers
  • Lockers sorted by Apartment number
  • Parking sorted by Parking Space
  • Parking sorted by Apartment
  • Last month rent list
  • Rental increase list
  • Monthly receipt list for rent
  • Yearly receipt for rent (Tax time)
  • Monthly income totals
  • Christmas list (prints apartment number and residents name on envelopes)
  • While printing, you can create PDF files, put them on your smart phone each month for faster access to resident's information for the Management Group

The program is called Property Management.  Designed to work one or Multiple Properties, Residents and more.

Now, lets be realistic.

Head office will not change what is currently being done for these lists.

  So, it is up to the Management staff on the property to seek an alternative.

  There are programs on the internet where you pay $10.00 per month to upload your building information to a cloud.  Or others where you spend $200.00 to share your building information around the office.

This program is not designed for that.  It was designed to be on one computer, not shared.

It is a fully working program for a year from that date you install it.

After that, it is $10.00 for a year or

$40.00 for uninterrupted use until the year 2030